Articles / Reports


An assemblage of Coleoptera from ponds on Povington Heath, Dorset

in The Coleopterist 19(1), April 2010 (pdf, 1Mb)

Ponds project reveals rarities beyond the barbed wire

in Dorset Wildlife Trust magazine, Spring 2010 (pdf, 3Mb)

Effect of wetting-up ditches on emergent insect numbers

in Aspects of Applied Biology 81, 2007 (pdf)

Stratiomyidae from agricultural ditches in Leicestershire

in Bulletin of the Dipterists Forum, summer 2006 (pdf)

River sampling with Robert Aquilina

Example Reports

Macroinvertebrate Survey of three watercress farm outflows, Alresford, Hants

Report for The Watercress Company, June 2018 (at Issuu)

Macroinvertebrate Survey of Manor Farm outflow, Old Alresford, Hants

Report for The Watercress Company, 2016 (at Issuu)

New Forest One-grooved Diving Beetle Survey

Report for The Verderers of the New Forest 2016 (pdf, 2Mb)

The Hogsmill and River Wandle, South London

Pre-restoration assessment for the Wandle River Trust 2013 (pdf, 2Mb)

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