Aquilina Environmental Quality

Consulting Ecologist

specialising in all aspects of freshwater, brackish and wetland ecology

Robert Aquilina

MSc, MCIEEM(rtd)

“I am an independent ecological consultant of 22 years experience, specialising in freshwater ecology, especially bio assessment of water quality and conservation value using macroinvertebrates.

I am also involved in a range of voluntary activities to support the wider recognition of the value of freshwaters, from running the Dorset Freshwater Recording Group to training courses,wildlife pond advice and surveys.”

Accreditations & Licences

  • Environment Agency accredited River Habitat Surveyor experienced in carrying out RIVPACS and PSYM surveys
  • Natural England protected species licences for specialist invertebrate surveys including Fairy shrimp (Chirocephalus), Medicinal leech (Hirudo medicinalis) and Southern damselfly (Coenagrion mercuriale)
  • Full member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology & Environmental Management (CIEEM).

Consultancy Services

  • Covering southern England and South Wales
  • Freshwater habitat assessments using standard survey techniques
  • Macroinvertebrate identification to species level, interpretation and management recommendations
  • Wildlife pond design, restoration, mitigation and assessment
  • Species specific surveys, including Great Crested Newts (eDNA), Water Voles, Fish (electro-fishing surveys), Crayfish (eDNA), Fairy Shrimp and other freshwater iteprotected invertebrates.

Training Courses & Workshops

Robert runs training courses and workshops on:

  • Pond Creation and Management
  • Pond Surveys
  • Aquatic Plant Identification
  • Aquatic Invertebrate Identification

Courses & Workshops are run for organisations such as The Conservation Volunteers and the Freshwater Habitats Trust. Robert also offers bespoke courses to community groups, Wildlife Trusts and water companies. Please contact Robert to discuss your training needs.

Free Resources

What makes a good pond?

What makes a good pond?

4 page pdf

Identification guides for freshwaters (Robert Aquilina, 2019)

ID Guides for freshwaters

4 page pdf

DERC at Recorders Group for Dorset

Robert is the Freshwater Recorder for Dorset and has set up a Freshwater Recording Group which collects data for the Dorset Environmental Records Centre (DERC).

Records (inverts & fish) and enquiries are welcomed – please email

Freshwater Habitats Trust at Habitats Trust Corporate Friend

Robert supports the Freshwater Habitats Trust (previously known as Pond Conservation), an organisation dedicated to protecting freshwater life for everyone to enjoy. The charity carries out cutting edge evidence-based scientific research leading to practical action, authoritative advice, and the lobbying of policy makers.

Robert worked for Pond Conservation for three years, where his philosophy and values fitted in perfectly.

Robert Aquilina

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